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Adult Therapy

​​It is human nature to orient in an “auto-pilot” or automatic manner. After all, if we needed to consciously think through every single detail of each day we would become immobilized. So, it makes sense that we would have automatic habits or routines. However, some of our habits may be based on out-dated information or and misperceptions. 

Recent findings in neuroscience indicates that approximately 80% of what drives our behavior is outside our awareness. Lasting change calls for some investigative work. For instance, if we seek less stress in our lives, we need more clarity about the underlying feelings, perceptions or beliefs that trigger our stress response. Likewise, if we long for more satisfying relationships, we need to understand what keeps such connections out of reach.

Afternoon Light

Sessions provide a supportive environment for your investigative journey.  I create a safe place for you to share your concerns, as well as your strengths and goals. Together we work as a team to shed new light on the challenges you are facing. Through dialogue, experience and guided self-reflection, I help you discover new information and try on new ways of relating and being. This experiential component serves to promote the shift from contemplation to action.

Along the way, I also share information on attachment (the study of nurturing and reparative connection), neuroscience (the study of how the brain works) and regulation (the study of how our nervous system works).

Ultimately my goal is to facilitate a highly engaging, enlightening and satisfying growth process. My greatest joy is in witnessing you find your way.

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