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Parent-Child Play Sessions

Parent-Child Play Sessions are an opportunity to deepen your connection with your child, while also learning new and effective ways to communicate, problem solve and limit set. Unlike play therapy where my primary focus is the child, my primary focus is the parent-child relationship.  As I guide you and your child in playing together and playfully engaging in several activities/games, I assist you in deepening your capacity to be present, playful, and responsive to your child.

Prior to a play session, we meet for a 50-minute parent consultation to specifically identify your goals, as well as any challenges you are currently experiencing with your child. We will discuss various parenting strategies, as well as different play activities specifically selected to address your goals for the parent-child session.


During the parent-child session, I will actively support you in facilitating the play experience. At the conclusion of the play session, you and your child will choose one or two activities to use at home. Further play or consultation sessions are scheduled as needed.

Mustard Flowers

A little bit of attuned play can go a long way!

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