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Fun Family Goal Setting

One of the beautiful things about being human is that we continue to learn and grow throughout our lifetime.

When we can come along side our children and set specific growth intentions together it can foster a deeper appreciation, understanding and connection around the growth process.

I have found the image of staircase to be particularly helpful in goal setting. The top step is our ultimate goal. And, the steps that lead upward are the small actions we take to get there.

Initiate a conversation with your children about areas in which you (as parents) hope to grow, and then solicit their own desired areas of growth. As a family, you can each identify a personal goal you have in mind for the coming school year, calendar year, or specified time period. Or, you might come up with a family goal that you all decide to work towards together.

Explain that an ideal goal is something that is observable, measurable and realistic. And, it's attainment can be broken down into small steps that make it possible to achieve.

Each family member can identify a specific goal and brainstorm the related action steps needed to reach that goal. Depending on their age, your children will likely need help to identify various action steps. Then, guide your children in drawing a staircase and have them place each specific action on each step. Follow/model the same process for yourself.

Identify small ways to acknowledge the completion of each action step, and a family celebration to honor the accomplishment of the set goals.

This process can be fun, bonding and informative! And, goal setting is an excellent skill to instill at an early age, and one that will serve your children well over the course of their life time.


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