Welcome!  I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and bring over 20 years of training and experience to my work with children, adolescents and parents.  I offer the following services:

Individual Therapy
EMDR Therapy for adults
EMDR Therapy for children
Play Therapy
Parent Coaching

One of my most basic beliefs is in the human impulse to grow and heal. No matter how young or old, you have an inherent wisdom and countless times when you have persevered despite challenge. My job is to help you reconnect to your intuition, power and resourcefulness.

I also believe that truly effective therapy strikes an optimal balance between insight and action. So whether our work together is brief, periodic or longer term, I will assist you in discovering new information, perspective and skills you can readily apply in your everyday life and/or family.  As a result I thoughtfully and collaboratively tailor each session to help you create the new neural pathways, or habits of mind/behavior, that lay the foundation for meeting your goals.

I have a particular interest and expertise in the following areas:
Life Transitions
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Relationship Issues
Sensory Processing Disorder
Sibling Rivalry
Temperament (e.g. Sensitivity, Introversion)

If you are ready to schedule an appointment or would simply like to learn more about me or my services, please contact me at 303-223-0727 or by email at robinglincoln@msn.com.

The fee for a 50 minute session is $175.